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We believe in 3 things: Kitchens are not only for Cooking. Chaos is what makes life interesting and family is where we belong.


Can you feel it burning in your heart? The truth in those words?  Then my friend welcome to our life and please take a seat and lets chat a little bit about life. We hope you will stay for a while.

We live in Austria, which is a very beautiful, healthy and safe place to live and raise a family. We both work in our parents family business and in our business everything is about food, drinks and our lovely customers and staff members. So we really know one or two things about cooking, creating new dishes, customer satisfaction, being a good psychologist and running a business. Its not always easy since there is a lot of stress and a lot of daily work but I wouldn’t change a thing if I had the opportunity to. Who has the privilege to be with his family (Patriarch, Matriach, bossy brother) almost 24/7?!? So that can be bad or good, am I right?;-)

Our whole life Antonia and I had that special bond which only very few people share. When my sister was little and our parents where at the beginning of building their business, I was the one who more or less helped raising Antonia and I think this intense sharing of our time, my time as a teenager and young adult, seeing her going from toddler to sweet, awkward teenager to the person she now is and sharing all the ups and downs of life is what lets us stick together trough everything life is trowing at us.


Our blog is all about comfort food, mostly healthy but always made with love. We love to celebrate breakfast and of course life within a deeply bonded family tribe. Travelling the world which is Antonias special subject. Some DIY’s and everything which happens between the kitchen and the doorsteps to fifty shades of a Chaos called LIFE.


Welcome everybody, we are glad you are here, take a seat and enjoy the ride.

This is us, Nina and Antonia!

Two Sisters Living Life

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