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Hi my name is Nina and here you’ll find recipes that are inspired by my family, my home country Austria and the places and people I love the most.

Here It’s all about good mood food that is always made with love and comforting your soul, celebrating life within a deeply bonded family tribe and everything that happens in and around the kitchen which is the pulsing heart of our home.

Originally my younger sister Antonia and I started Two Sisters Living Life together in 2019 as a hobby to journal our recipes, travels, and a way to be creative together.

In our first year of food blogging Antonia and I already won 3 prizes at the AFBA (Austrian Food Blog Awards) for our recipes and food blog which was one of the most exciting moments in my life. It was such a beautiful moment to be honored together for something we both passionately love : Cooking and Baking 🙂

I will always be grateful to my sister for introducing me to the creative and chaotic life of a Foodblogger and to photography.

Unfortunately my sister lost her spark and passion for our blog in 2021 and just found more interesting things in life that made her eyes sparkle and her heart burn.

I come from a family of 5 and enjoying food together as a family was always a thing we loved to celebrate in my parents home.

When I was 15 my parents started their own business which meant for me as the eldest at home to cook for my siblings and look after my younger brother and help raising my 1 year old baby sister.

Not every dish I cooked at that age was a winner but I loved being creative in the kitchen with the ingredients I had at hand.

As Antonia became older she started to help me out in the kitchen and together we spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking, cooking, talking about problems, and bonding as sisters.

That’s why I believe that: The kitchen is the pulsing heart of every home, chaos is what makes life interesting and family is where I belong.

Nowadays I live in a converted hay barn together with my 2 funny, adorable, strong-headed kids, my strong-headed love of my life 😉, 2 wicked cats, and our loyal sweet dog.

I’m a very organized person with a very chaotic life. Oh no… sorry I got this all wrong: I’m chaotic and need to organize my life very much to not get lost on the way 😉.

As you already know I’ve always enjoyed eating good food, as you can see from my „gentle“ curves. But I have a second passion too which is photography.
So whenever I’m not experimenting in my kitchen you’ll find me chasing the light and snapping images of whatever I find interesting and worth exploring. For more Infos on my photography visit my other website: ninastangl.at

About Me

Welcome to 2 Sisters Living Life, a blog about soul-comforting recipes, beautiful food, and food photography.

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