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Interested in Working with me?

Great let’s get in touch. Id love to learn more about your goals and see how I might be able to collaborate together.

Food photography, Styling and Videography

- I create content for social media and websites (photography and videography for TikTok or Instagram reels and more) for food and drink related brands, restaurants, cafes, or other food related businesses

- Half day or full day photography for restaurants, cafes, bakeries and hotels including menu images and location.

- Photography for cookbooks, magazines and blogs (Including cooking, styling and photographing the dishes)

- Product photography

For more infos about my photographic work visit www.ninastangl.at

Recipe Development

Need help in creating sweet or savory recipes? I love being in the kitchen and create new recipes.

So whatever you need let’s get in touch and discuss how I can help you.

Sponsored Posts & Giveaways

I believe in promoting brands and businesses that I can recommend with 100% confidence. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Flexible Pricing

Sent me an email at office@twosisterslivinglife.com for rates and other details.


Freelance Food Writing

About Me

Welcome to 2 Sisters Living Life, a blog about soul-comforting recipes, beautiful food, and food photography.

Austrian Recipes

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