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Elderflower Syrup – delicious and homemade

by Nina
elderflower syrup in bottles

This is a delicious recipe for homemade elderflower syrup. Its the perfect recipe where your kids can help you pick all the beautiful smelling flowers.

One of my most beautiful childhood memories are from me and my mom picking elderflowers every spring and making delicious syrup with it. I loved these walkings with her where we talked about everything and nothing. There is nothing more freeing than a walk through the woods with your hero mom ­čÖé

Now 30 years later I’m the one roaming through the woods with my kids, looking for elderflower bushes and talking and joking with my kids the whole way long. I love these moments with my kids int centres me immensely.

two kids with flower crowns
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wandering trough the woods and searching for elderflowers with your kids

I’m always enjoying my time with my kids and what they love the most in spring is picking elderflowers from the bushes.

Elderflower Syrup – The Recipe

For the beginning it’s good to know what you need for 1Kg Sugar.

  • 1 KG sugar
  • 0,75litre water
  • 25g powdered citric acid, the acid will make sure that the syrup will stay durable
  • about 15 big elderflower stems
  • a large pot with lit
  • a large sieve
  • a cheese cloth or kitchen towel
  • reusable glass bottles
Elderflower bushes
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elderflower bushes are so beautiful

First things first!

So for 1kg sugar you get about 1,5 litres of syrup that’s why I work at least with 2kg of sugar.

  • First you shake the flower stems out and make sure that all small animals are gone .
  • Pour the sugar, water and citric acid into a deep pod, mix everything together and bring everything to a boil
  • Under constant staring boil the sugar- water liquid until its clear
  • Stir in the elderflower stems and put a lid onto the pot
  • Leave everything for about 48 hours and stir every once in a while
  • After the 48 hours take another large pot put the sieve on top and spread the cheese cloth above the sieve
  • Strain the elderflower syrup trough the sieve and squeeze the excessive liquid from the cloth
  • Bring the strained syrup to a boil and boil it for about 3 minutes
  • Fill everything into reusable glass bottles put the lid on it and let everything cool
  • store the bottles in a cool dark place

*note: Make sure that you sterilise the bottles either trough cooking them in boiling water for a couple of minutes or put them into the oven at 200┬░Celsius for 10 minutes. Please remove the plastic lids before sterilising otherwise the plastic parts will melt. The bottles will be extremely hot, please see to it that your kids are not around when you do this working process or the filling of the bottles.

What to do with your homemade syrup

Elderflower syrup mixed into ice cold water is my kids favourite summer drink but there are other things too where you can use it in.

  • Flavoured elderflower iced tea
  • Elderflower gin tonic
  • elderflower cream br├╗l├ęe
  • as a topping on pancakes and french toast
  • elderflower cream cheese frosting
  • and there are many more things you can use elderflower syrup for
2 drinks on a stone plate
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elderflower syrup is delicious in cocktails too.

I hope you will enjoy my recipe for our homemade elderflower syrup as much as me and my kids! I will always have fond childhood memories when the elderflowers bloom.

If you did enjoy my recipe and made a lot of elderflower syrup we would be more than thrilled if you tag us on Instagram . We are more than happy to share your achievements in one of our stories.

Sugary hugs and kisses


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1 comment

Dusanka June 6, 2021 - 6:47 pm

Hi ! I make elderflower syrup ove 30 years. We have another recip , I suggest you to try :
30 big elderberry flowers with plenty of flower dust.
Soak in 3 liter of water add 20 gram of citric acid and 3 ecologic lemons wich you cut.
Soak for 24 hours , than squize the lemons , and strain.
Ad 3 kg sugar and bring to boil. Don’t let boil.
Than pour in glas bottles and close. It last over a year.

We make syrup ftom elderflower berries to. It is fantastic and very healthy, but made in other way.


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