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Grilled peaches with honey drizzle and ice cream

by Nina
grilled peaches, honey drizzle, ice cream on white plate

This is an easy and healthy recipe for grilled peaches with a delicious honey drizzle and ice cream. It’s prepared in under 5 minutes and the perfect sweet and healthy recipe for your next BBQ. I just say no churn recipe 😉 .

Summer season is upon us and when your family is like mine than you know, you definitely need a variety of BBQ recipes to see the whole summer season through. Because there is no cooking in the kitchen only grilling outdoors 😉 .

Grilled peaches with honey drizzle and ice cream and why this will be your next favourite BBQ dessert

First of all I’m a busy woman. I work in our own family business often more than 40 hours, I have 2 kids who need a lot of attention especially with school and all their hobbies going on and I want to have sometime for myself too. I want at least some hours to myself at the weekend to work on my food photography skills and write some more blog posts for you.

And because of all these reasons above I love a good no churn dessert like these grilled peaches with honey. Sure I love to prepare pies and cakes and other more time needing recipes too but more often I feel exhausted from preparing everything for the BBQ.

grilled peaches with ice cream and honey drizzle on white plate and blue linen
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Delicious peaches, ice cream and honey. No words needed.

7 Good reasons why I love grilled peaches with honey drizzle and ice cream

  1. It’s prepared in under 5 minutes
  2. Who doesn’t love peaches and ice cream
  3. No bad conscience because of too many calories
  4. It’s healthy
  5. your man can show off his BBQ skills 😉
  6. It looks so good, I mean this dessert is like a show stopper
  7. It tastes incredibly

5 Ingredients including my magic flavour

  • fresh ripe peaches, they are best from your local farmers market
  • SECRET INGREDIENTS aka MAGIC FLAVOUR! Melted butter for brushing the cut side. Butter gives the peaches a light buttery flavour which gives the peaches a pie like taste.
  • coconut sugar or brown sugar for sprinkling the cut side before grilling
  • Ice Cream, choose what every you like best but I prefer Birthday cake or simply vanilla from Halo Top and no unfortunately I’m not getting paid for this post 😉 I just love this ice cream brand very much
  • some honey for drizzling
  • sure you could add some other toppings as well like slivered almond or some ground cinnamon on top but its not necessary
two peaches halves on the grill
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grill the peaches 5-7 minutes on every side.

Preparing my favourite dessert – grilled peaches with honey

The preparation is super easy and super fast, promise!

  1. Cut the peaches into halves
  2. Brush some melted butter on the cut side of the peaches
  3. sprinkle some sugar on the cut side
  4. grill the peaches on medium heat first on the cut side for about 7 minutes or until the grill marks are good visible
  5. turn the peaches and grill them for another 7 minutes
  6. transfer your peaches onto plates
  7. top every peach half with a scoop of your preferred ice cream and top with some honey
  8. Voilá and enjoy.
grilled peaches with ice cream on white plate
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So good!

I hope you will enjoy this easy and delicious BBQ dessert recipe as much as my family and I.

If you try these wonderfully delicious grilled peaches with honey drizzle and ice cream, be sure to leave a comment and rate it below. I would love to hear from you.

Sweet hugs and a great BBQ season

Nina <3

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iron pan with s'mores
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grilled peaches with honey drizzle and ice cream

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This is a delicous, healthy and easy recipe for your next BBQ and every BBQ that comes. Its prepared in under 5 minutes.

  • 4 peaches (ripe)
  • 2 tbsp coconut sugar (or brown sugar)
  • 4 tbsp honey (if you want it less sweet use less honey ;-))
  • 2 tbsp butter (melted)
  • 4 scoop ice cream (Healthy ice cream to your liking)
  1. Wash and dry your fresh peaches

    cut them in halves and remove the pit

    brush the cut side of every half with some butter and sprinkle som coconut sugar on top

    grill the peaches on every side for about 7 minutes on medium high heat on your BBQ

    transfer the grilled halves on plates and top every half with ice cream

    driizzle with some honey

    *OPTIONAL: sprinkle some slivered almonds or desecated coconut on top

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